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At our substance abuse treatment in Melbourne, FL, we know just how many people have been impacted by drug and alcohol addiction. We see it every single day. What we also see each day are people recovering from their active addictions and regaining control of their lives.

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We are committed to providing quality, life-saving care to those individuals who are addicted to one or more of the following substances:

We are a leading provider of detoxification services, helping those individuals who are dependent on mind-altering substances break free from the chains that their addictions have on them. At our substance abuse treatment in Melbourne, FL, we also provide outpatient programs that can help people who are able to live at home in between receiving treatment.


Our substance abuse treatment in Melbourne, FL is focused on providing evidence-based treatments. These treatments have been studied and researched, as well as tested and proven to produce positive treatment outcomes (such as long-term sobriety and remission of symptoms associated with mental illness). Some of the top evidence-based therapies we include in our patients’ treatment plans include the following:

  • Group counseling — Conducted by a therapist amongst several different patients, group counseling is a staple in addiction treatment. Depending on the needs of the collective, group counseling sessions can focus on specific issues or concerns or can be structured around a certain topic. A patient will participate in the standard group counseling session where he or she will work with others to overcome commonly shared challenges in addiction and recovery. A patient can also participate in group counseling that is focused on something specific, such as relapse prevention or psychoeducation. 
  • Behavioral therapies — Cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy serve as a foundation for many patients receiving substance abuse treatment in Melbourne, FL. This is because these therapies have proven to help those with addiction modify their negative behaviors that led them to use and turn them into positive behaviors that lead to healthy results. Cognitive-behavioral therapy, or CBT, places focus on the alteration of behaviors that promote the continuation of a substance use disorder, while dialectical behavioral therapy, or DBT, highlights how to manage stress, regulate one’s emotions, and utilize mindfulness as a relapse prevention technique.
  • Individual therapy — Addiction is an extremely personal disease, therefore it is critical that a patient gets the opportunity to receive one-on-one care from a professional. When in individual therapy sessions, patients at our substance abuse treatment in Melbourne, FL can uncover the hidden causes behind the development of their substance use disorder, as well as establish skills that can be used for specific needs. 

We also offer Suboxone treatment, which is a major benefit for those patients who are addicted to opioids like heroin, OxyContin, Vicodin, etc. Suboxone is a prescription medication that contains buprenorphine, a mild opioid proven to help end dependence and maintain recovery. When Suboxone is taken as prescribed and alongside a therapeutic treatment plan, patients can experience fewer cravings and minimal withdrawal symptoms, as well as the focus to keep moving forward in the recovery process.


At our substance abuse treatment in Melbourne, FL, we provide outpatient services for our patients. Based on what their clinical and psychological needs are, patients may participate in one or more of the following programs:

  • Dual diagnosis program — for those who have both a substance use disorder and a mental illness occurring simultaneously
  • Intensive outpatient program — for those who require consistent and frequent treatment services (e.g. almost daily) but who can continue to live at home
  • Outpatient program — for those who need addiction treatment less frequently than those in an IOP, such as a few days per week
  • Aftercare program– for all patients who complete treatment at our facility who can benefit from aftercare services that can guide them in their newfound sobriety 

Depending on each patient’s needs, our treatment providers will determine which programs are most suitable for them. 

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When you are living with an untreated substance use disorder, there is no limit to the consequences that you may face. From experiencing physical distress and mental anguish to struggling in your career and losing relationships, your substance use disorder can single-handedly take your entire life off course — if not cost you your life. The only way to prevent further repercussions of your use from occurring is to stop using right away. But how?

Our substance abuse treatment in Melbourne, FL can help you get moving on the road to recovery. We understand how difficult it can be to even consider getting treatment, never mind actually doing it. However, if you ignore the need for treatment, you continue to put your life at risk on a regular basis. 

So, do not wait. Call us right now to learn more about substance abuse treatment in Melbourne, FL. Let us help you.