Group Therapy

Studies have shown that recovering amongst others improves individuals’ chances of not only getting sober but also maintaining their recovery longer. A perfect example of this is Narcotics Anonymous (NA), where people gather together to practice a 12-Step program designed to keep them in recovery. Our group addiction therapy in Melbourne, FL can offer these benefits and more.

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What is Group Addiction Therapy?

Group addiction therapy, which is always commonly referred to as group counseling, is a type of treatment designed to help individuals work together on their recovery. Group therapy is an evidence-based therapy, which means that it has been studied and has proven to be effective in treating the disease of addiction. For decades, group therapy has been revered as one of the most successful and constructive forms of therapy available for recovering drug users.

The first group therapy session will likely be focused on patients introducing themselves to one another and the therapist sharing information about him/herself. That first session will probably consist of ice breakers that can help to make patients develop a sense of comfort. As mentioned before, many drug users are used to isolating themselves, so being put into a group therapy session can be slightly nerve-racking. However, by the end of that session, the hope is that patients will have a better understanding of who they are in therapy with and what some of their treatment goals will be.

After the first session has been completed, future sessions can vary in content based on the needs of the group but can include activities such as trust-building exercises, communication exercises, and role-playing. Group addiction therapy in Melbourne, FL also encourages group therapists to utilize behavioral therapies and any other evidence-based treatment that they feel appropriate for the group and their recovery. 

Benefits of Group Therapy

As previously mentioned, recovering in the company of others can be a major plus for those who are looking to maintain their sobriety. When participating in our group addiction therapy in Melbourne, patients can benefit in countless ways, including the following:

  • Provides patients with a “sounding board” for their thoughts and emotions, as well as gives them the opportunity to gain insight from others 
  • Obtains moral support from other patients in the group
  • Develops a sense of accountability, as the idea of letting down the group by not showing up or not participating when in attendance can feel overwhelming
  • Improves upon social skills and communication skills due to frequent interaction with others
  • Educates patients on the disease aspect of addiction

When a patient puts forth his or her best efforts while in group therapy, the advantages of doing so are endless. 

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Professional addiction treatment is designed to help even the most dependent individuals end their active drug abuse and participate in the therapeutic services that can help them maintain long-term recovery. When the need for treatment is ignored, individuals abusing drugs can suffer from several different repercussions. In fact, continuing on with a drug addiction and not receiving the appropriate care can be deadly. Each and every time a person abuses drugs, he or she puts his or her life at risk. It does not have to be this way.

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