Evidence-Based Treatment

At our evidence-based treatment in Melbourne, FL, we offer several evidence-based treatments that range from individual therapy and group counseling to experiential therapy and motivational interviewing. Prior to including these therapies into a patient’s treatment plan, we conduct a thorough assessment to determine which evidence-based therapies should be the most effective for his or her unique needs.

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How are Evidence-Based Treatments Applied to Patients’ Treatment Plans?

At our facility, we follow specific protocols and guidelines to ensure that each one of our patients is able to get the most out of their evidence-based treatment in Melbourne, FL. In order to do that, trained and certified staff members do the following:

  • Evaluate the patient and ask appropriate questions to help uncover their treatment needs
  • Obtain relevant research by going over recent studies
  • Determine the applicability of the evidence-based treatment in regards to the patient’s needs
  • Go over information related to the evidence-based therapies with the patient and try to include them into his or her plan while considering the belief system of the patient
  • Develop an action plan with the patient
  • Implement the plan

Our staff is educated and up-to-date on all evidence-based therapies, allowing them the ability to implement the ones that show the most promise in helping the patient while he or she is receiving evidence-based treatment.

Types of Evidence-Based Treatment in Melbourne

At our evidence-based treatment in Melbourne, FL, we utilize these treatments because we know how well they work and we have seen the results they have brought to our patients. Therefore, we include as many evidence-based treatments into our patients’ treatment plans as necessary, some of which may include the following:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group counseling
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)
  • Trauma treatments
  • Experiential therapy
  • Suboxone Treatment

Benefits of Evidence-Based Treatment

Evidence-based treatments are not as highly-regarded as they are because they have been studied, but they are revered for several different reasons, including the benefits that they can offer.


There is no doubt that addiction is an extremely complex disease. When attempting to treat a disease like this, it is critical that the right treatments are provided in order to prevent a person from going back to their use or worse. Evidence-based treatments, because they have been studied and exercised, have proven to be the safest forms of therapeutic and pharmacological care for the treatment of addiction. Therefore, those who are both obtaining and providing evidence-based treatments can feel confident that their therapy will keep them safe and away from risk.


Evidence-based treatments have proven to be effective in treating addiction — we know that. But that effectiveness is beneficial for a few reasons:

  1. Patients receiving evidence-based treatments are less likely to require other therapeutic interventions because these treatments are capable of providing the specific care they need to address different aspects of their disease
  2. The cost of treatment is much less when evidence-based treatments are utilized because patients do not need to keep trying different, unstudied therapies and providers do not need to continually administer various therapeutic services to determine which works best for the patient

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No matter if you are addicted to crack, opioids, meth, or any other mind-altering drugs, it is critical that you get the right addiction treatment you need to stop using before your dangerous patterns of using cost you your life. If you ignore the need for treatment, you run the very real risk of suffering consequences such as losing your job, getting divorced, losing child custody, serving jail time, becoming homeless, and developing physical and mental health problems that may be irreversible. The good news is, addiction is a treatable disease and you do not need to keep using and putting your wellbeing in harm’s way.

Our evidence-based treatment in Melbourne, FL can provide you with the best, most clinically-backed and supported treatment options so that you can stop using and begin healing. We know how difficult all of this may sound, however, once you make the first step by reaching out to us, you will be grateful that you did.

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