Opioid Rehab

Opioids are used medically to treat pain caused by surgical operations, severe injury and chronic pain. OxyContin, Vicodin, and Percocet are all prescription versions of opioids, heroin is the illegal version.

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Opioids are central nervous system depressants, they react with receptors in the brain and nervous system to relieve pain, and regulate heart rate and breathing. Frequent and/or long-term use can lead to an opioid dependence. Naturally occurring opioids are produced by the body to alleviate pain and elevate mood. The body does not produce enough naturally occurring opioid to cause an overdose. That said, opioids are prescribed when not enough of the naturally occurring drug is being produced to manage higher levels of pain. Opioids affect critical body functions like breathing and heart rate. They operate on the limbic system in the brain which regulates emotions, and feelings of pleasure, or relaxation. Opioids reduce pain by sending messages through the spinal column and from the brain to the rest of the body.

Prolonged use of opioids will cause dependence. The body stops producing the naturally occurring substance, as it is receiving enough of it through the drug use. Abuse and overuse of these drugs change the way nerve receptors work in your brain, and these receptors become dependent upon the drug to function. As the individual’s use increases, so does their tolerance, escalating their use to dangerous levels leading to a potential overdose. Once addicted, if they attempt to stop, they will experience withdrawal symptoms. Medical detox is critical in helping individuals through this process. Our detox and rehab facility here in Melbourne can provide you with a much more comfortable experience. Medications can be an effective tool in controlling symptoms like nausea and vomiting, sleep issues, and mood swings. Methadone treatment is one method of medical detox that helps users to wean off of the opioids without feeling the full effects of withdrawals. Methadone is also an opioid and carries some risk of addiction which is why its use necessitates close supervision. Suboxone may also be prescribed. It is a combination of two useful drugs, Naloxone and Buprenorphine. Suboxone also provides relief from the symptoms of opioid withdrawal. Therapy is just as critical as medical care, and it is our goal here at our opioid rehab center in Melbourne, Florida to expose you to as much of it as is helpful.

Intake At Our Opioid Rehab in Melbourne

At our opioid rehab in Melbourne, FL, we seek to provide you with a streamlined, comfortable intake process, so that you may begin your stay with us as safely and comfortably as possible. Your medical history, drug use, and personal concerns will all be addressed and taken into consideration when developing your treatment plan. Once you have been shown to be physically stable, and the drug safely removed from your system, we can begin.

Therapies Offered At Our Opioid Rehab

Individual Therapy 

Individual therapy encourages the person to share and communicate with a licensed therapist in a safe, and trustworthy setting. Many people who have struggled with addiction have experienced trauma, so this is also an opportunity for the therapist to assess the need for trauma-informed care. Individual therapy plays an important role in developing a patient’s ability and desire to open up. This helps to identify the underlying causes of their addiction and seeks to repair them so the individual does not turn to opioids again.

Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy and Dialectical behavioral therapy like the kind you can expect here at our opioid addiction rehab center in Melbourne are both effective tools in helping someone recover from their time in active addiction, and the events that led up to it. CBT is used to treat individuals with depression and other mood disorders, it is also effective in treating substance use. CBT focuses on changing distorted thoughts that are unfounded,  and often negative feelings one has about themselves. CBT teaches the patient to alter their negative beliefs and attitudes and develop distress tolerance and coping mechanisms. This gives them tools and resilience in dealing with challenging situations and uncomfortable feelings. CBT also improves one’s ability to problem solve and discover alternative solutions to problems that would have otherwise challenged them.

DBT seeks to end to self-destructive behaviors and encourages the patient to develop and find solutions rather than self-defeating thoughts and harmful behaviors.

We also offer family and group therapy, to give you a complete therapeutic experience, so that you can feel well equipped when you leave our Melbourne opioid addiction rehab center.

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Being addicted to opioids can make you feel like you are riding on one big emotional rollercoaster. Some days you feel up, while other days you feel yourself going down. Continuing to abuse opioids will only keep that roller coaster going, however, obtaining treatment is what can make it stop – and for good.

JourneyPure’s opioid rehab center in Melbourne, Florida can help you clear your body of toxic drugs in a safe manner, address heavy emotional burdens and provide you with the skills you need to keep moving forward on a path towards success.

Do not wait any longer. We are here to help you treat your addiction and build a life for yourself that will support your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Call us today!