Opiate Rehab

Opiates are psychoactive compounds derived from the poppy plant. Utilized as both legal prescription and illicit substances, it is the classification of substances that includes morphine, codeine, opium, and heroin. Opiates are a powerful painkiller and are used to treat severe pain from operations or injuries. The feeling one gets when taking opiates is that of euphoria, and of an elevated sense of self and wellbeing.

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It is in pursuit of these feelings that causes people to increase use or misuse their prescriptions resulting in a dependence. Dependence to opiates can occur at a surprisingly rapid rate. People begin to figure out ways to procure more of the drug, often getting prescriptions from multiple doctors, and using different pharmacies. Or by turning to illegal drugs that are available on the street, like heroin. Once addicted, the user will become familiar with the withdrawal symptoms that occur when they go too long between uses. They recognize that they are both painful and distressing and avoid them at all costs, thus making it seemingly impossible to stop. At our opiate rehab facility in Melbourne we understand this dilemma, and seek to address your concerns through our experience and competent care.

The First Step in Our Opiate Rehab Center 

Detox at our opiate rehab in Melbourne, Florida is the first step to ridding your body and mind of this toxic substance. During the intake process, we assess your overall health and begin to formulate your treatment plan. This can include the use of medications. Proper use of the right medications can improve the patient’s quality of life during detox dramatically. Sleep medication, antidiarrheal medications, and anti-nausea medications can all be beneficial, and provide the patient with comfort. Methadone may be prescribed by a physician in an appropriate dosage to lessen the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms experienced. Suboxone may also be used, as it blocks the effects of opioids so that the patient does not get high. Suboxone is an effective drug used for maintenance. In addition to your medical needs, your psychological needs are treated as well.

Therapies Offered At Our Melbourne Opiate Rehab Center

Therapy makes up much of one’s experience in an opiate addiction rehab center. Everyone needs something different to address their unique therapeutic needs, and it is our goal to expose you to enough of these modalities, that you find a balance that is complementary and conducive to healing.

Individual Therapy 

Individual therapy like the kind we offer here at our opiate rehab in Melbourne, Florida is an opportunity for the patient to work one on one with a licensed therapist in a safe, trustworthy, and confidential environment. This allows them to explore their feelings, beliefs, or behaviors, and work through trauma. Most individuals experiencing something like opiate addiction, have some challenging history or experiences in their life that ultimately led them to drug abuse. Individual therapy is an opportunity to process and heal those issues so that the patient can feel some resolve, and hopefully feel as though they can move forward without the need for opiates.

Group Therapy

Participating in a therapy group can seem intimidating at first. But once the individual has an opportunity to listen and observe their peers, they will immediately begin to see the benefits of this type of therapy. To be surrounded by people who have shared in your experiences and challenges can be powerful, and for some may be the first time they have laughed, or experienced joy since entering rehab. Group therapy can have many dynamics, from genuinely supportive, to challenging, to hilarity and love.  Nothing makes you feel more normal than being around people who “get” you, and these are the benefits of working as a group.

Family Therapy 

There is no doubt that most addicts have left a wake of destruction and broken relationships behind them. None more damaged than that of their families. Sometimes the family dynamic can be the impetus for someone’s drug use, in other situations the addict may have been dishonest and deceitful about their addiction, and this has left large fractures of broken trust. In other cases, the individual may have caused overt devastation and destruction in the home, and their family ties are hanging, quite literally, by a thread. Regardless of what the past had brought about, it is just that, the past. Family members will need help to move on, to forgive, and to trust. The same can be said for the patient, perhaps they have unresolved resentments or issues with family members. It all needs to be dealt with and moved on from. Once the path to healing has been paved, the family can work together for a better future, inclusive of the recovering addict.

There are many other forms of therapy that will be employed for the benefit of the patient, but family and individual therapy is certainly a great place to start.

Aftercare At Our Opiate Rehab

Intensive outpatient programs like the kind we offer here at our opiate rehab in Melbourne, FL are highly recommended for ongoing recovery and maintenance. It is very important that the patient has a large “toolbox” in which they can use for coping, avoiding triggers and venting negative feelings. The continuance of group therapy is ideal, as it provides consistency and accountability. Many 12 step programs encourage the use of a sponsor or mentor, and this is a great way to stay connected as well. We also encourage maintaining communication with our rehab in Melbourne as a valued member of our alumni. Your success is important to us, and we will do what we can to continue to support your recovery journey.

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JourneyPure’s opiate rehab in Melbourne, FL can help you clear your body of toxic drugs in a safe manner, address heavy emotional burdens and provide you with the skills you need to keep moving forward on a path towards success.

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