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Methamphetamine is a highly addictive, potent stimulant. Stimulants increase heart rate, blood pressure, mental acuity, and physical energy levels. Methamphetamine is used in its prescription form to treat a variety of physical and psychological ailments like ADHD and medically supervised weight loss.

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Methamphetamine is abused for its “stimulating high”. When high on meth, users need little or no sleep, they feel a sense of elation, heightened alertness and attentiveness. Meth decreases the user’s appetite, causing weight loss (the desired outcome for some), and increase their ability to stay awake, and give their attention. Methamphetamine addiction carries far-reaching psychological, medical, and social effects. Methamphetamines can cause irreparable damage to the cardiovascular system, malnutrition, dehydration, and severe dental problems. It creates internal emotional turmoil, causing mood swings, and aggressive behavior. Methamphetamine use carries a high risk of abuse and addiction. Abuse of this drug will result in serious withdrawal symptoms if the user should quit it cold turkey. The withdrawal symptoms of meth can be both emotionally distressing and physically painful. So if you are caught in the cycle of addiction and ready to make that change, call our meth rehab center in Melbourne, Florida right now, and get the help you deserve.

These effects can cause an addict to abandon their efforts to quit, and as a result, start using again to avoid experiencing the withdrawal symptoms. It is because of this discomfort, that many users of methamphetamines do not believe that they can physically quit using the drug. Chronic users who frequently take the drug over an extended period of time are most likely to experience the full extent of the withdrawal symptoms, making it more challenging to quit. Detoxing under medical supervision at a methamphetamine detox is the best course of action. We seek to soften the impact the withdrawal symptoms have on your physical and emotional well being. The symptoms of withdrawal from methamphetamines will largely depend on the type of using the individual practices. The duration of their use, how much of the drug they use, and how frequently they use it, will all contribute to how severe the withdrawal symptoms are.

How Can A Meth Rehab in Melbourne Help?

There are many therapeutic options and medical approaches that can be employed during our meth treatment in Melbourne, Florida, making this process safer and more bearable. Medication is a powerful tool to help alleviate both the emotional and physical discomfort. Patients in detox can be provided with prescription medications designed to help treat the effects of methamphetamine withdrawal. The user will begin to experience symptoms within a day of their last use. Symptoms will last several days and can include fatigue (lots of sleeping), depression, and general discomfort.

After several days the symptoms become their most intense. Patients can experience mood swings, poor cognition. People with more severe addictions can experience paranoia, hallucinations and extreme anxiety can occur. Strong drug cravings are also felt, making this a challenging point for the patient. After a week to ten days, the patient can struggle with establishing regular sleep patterns, and still experience feelings of depression and drug cravings. During their ongoing recovery, patients can experience ongoing symptoms that involve difficulty with sleep, mood, and cravings, it is important for these patients to receive ongoing care and support so that they don’t return to using.

Therapies Offered At Our Meth Rehab

Therapy is a critical part of healing the effects of methamphetamine addiction. Individuals who suffer from addiction issues, often have traumatic experiences and difficult circumstances in their history. Therapy helps to resolve these issues, giving a patient a “way out” of this line of thinking.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is critical to healing the wounds caused by methamphetamine addiction. Emotions return soon after the drug has left the body and can bring up the hurt and trauma that caused the individual to use in the first place. It is important to have the support of a trained therapist while they process these feelings.   The family members will also have their own feelings towards the patient and need to work through those too. Addiction can bring with it feelings of frustration and hurt and will need help to begin to heal. Family therapy at our meth rehab in Melbourne, FL is an excellent start in rebuilding trust and healing broken families.

Individual Therapy  

Individual therapy provides each patient individual time with their therapist, this direct communication helps to build trust, and make the patient comfortable in this safe, confidential setting. Thus allowing them to share the parts of themselves that they keep inside, causing them to be sick. Group therapy, behavioral and experiential therapies are also a key part of your time at a Melbourne, Florida meth addiction rehab center giving patients support and hope for long-term recovery.

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Being addicted to meth can make you feel like you are riding on one big emotional rollercoaster. Some days you feel up, while other days you feel yourself going down. Continuing to abuse methamphetamines will only keep that roller coaster, however, obtaining treatment is what can make it stop – and for good.

JourneyPure’s meth rehab in Melbourne can help you clear your body of toxic drugs in a safe manner, address heavy emotional burdens, and provide you with the skills you need to keep moving forward on a path towards success.

Do not wait any longer. We are here to help you treat your addiction and build a life for yourself that will support your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Call our Melbourne, Florida meth addiction rehab center right now.