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At our rehab facility in Melbourne, we know how to treat those affected by cocaine addiction. Cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant, derived from the leaves of the coca plant. Cocaine gives its user, energy, perceived improved mental acuity and an elevated sense of self. Cocaine dependence occurs quickly and has adverse effects on the individuals life.

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It becomes difficult to manage daily responsibilities, like making a living at a steady job, and caring for your children. Using cocaine also carries severe physical outcomes. The user may suffer high blood pressure, headaches, and paranoia, in addition to stroke and heart attack. An overdose can be life-threatening, causing respiratory failure, brain hemorrhage, heart attack and/or stroke. Cocaine overdoses are very dangerous, as there is no one drug that is used to treat them, and can often be fatal. Once addicted, an individual will experience withdrawal symptoms when they try to stop. Trying to quit, or ceasing use as a result of not being able to get more cocaine can cause these withdrawal symptoms to occur. The severity of the symptoms will depend on how much cocaine they were using, how often they were using it, and how long was the individual’s use. So if you are stuck in the cycle of Cocaine addiction, do not hesitate, reach out to our cocaine rehab center in Melbourne, Florida right now.

People with more serious use will experience more severe symptoms. People attempting to detox on their own, because of the shame attached to having an addiction, place themselves at serious risk. Medical detox is the best optionWe offer a variety of medical and emotional therapies to ease you through this process. Medications are also an effective tool in easing the effects of withdrawal. When withdrawing from cocaine patients can suffer from serious depression and anxiety, which can result in a failed detox (they choose to leave), negative thoughts or suicide. Propranolol is often prescribed to treat anxiety and related psychological problems and can be helpful with this. Talk therapy is also provided to offer the patient comfort and support when these issues arise. If the patient is feeling mentally strong and stable, they will be in a better position to deal with the physical effects of the Cocaine detox.

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Your physical and emotional well being becomes our focus when you enter into our cocaine rehab in Melbourne, FL. Patients will have their vital signs checked to ensure that they are stable, there medical history and substance use information are all gathered, and a treatment plan is put in place. Once it is established that the patient is stable both physically, and mentally they begin their journey at our cocaine addiction rehab center.

Therapies Offered At Our Cocaine Rehab

Therapy is a critical part in healing the effects of addiction. Most individuals who suffer from this disease have trauma or difficult events in their history. Therapy helps to bring these issues to the surface, and tools are given to deal with them in a way that the patient feels rid of the burden that they have carried.

Family therapy plays a very important role in healing a family that has suffered the effects of cocaine addiction. Once the drug has left the system of the addict they will become aware of the chaos they created and experience heavy emotions. Emotions that arise can encompass a wide range, from resentment to guilt, to anger. It is important to have the support of a therapist while they work through these feelings. It will take including the family members in therapy to help repair the damage.  The family will also have their own feelings towards the patient and will need help to begin the healing process, and develop trust. If the family issues are addressed and dealt with at our cocaine rehab, the individual stands a much better chance of remaining in recovery when they return home.

Individual therapy at our Melbourne cocaine rehab center provides each patient one on one time with their therapist, allowing for an uninterrupted, private means of communication. It is critical that each patient feel as though their therapeutic environment is safe and confidential so that they can begin to share the parts of themselves that keep them in active addiction. If these issues are handled, and patients given a way to move forward out of them, the individual has an opportunity to start a life without the weight of their burden.

Behavioral, group and experiential therapies are also part of an individual’s time in our treatment program, giving them the support and tools needed to live a life free from cocaine addiction after they have left treatment.

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Being addicted to cocaine can make you feel like you are riding on one big emotional rollercoaster. Some days you feel up, while other days you feel yourself going down. Continuing to abuse these drugs will only keep that roller coaster going, however, obtaining treatment is what can make it stop – and for good.

JourneyPure’s Melbourne cocaine rehab center can help you clear your body of toxic drugs in a safe manner, address heavy emotional burdens and provide you with the skills you need to keep moving forward on a path towards success.

Do not wait any longer. We are here to help you treat your addiction and build a life for yourself that will support your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Call our cocaine addiction rehab center in Melbourne, Florida right now.