Drug Rehab

Drug Rehab Center In Melbourne, Florida

Drug addiction is an unfortunate reality in the United States. The National survey of drug use and health reported 22 million Americans suffered from substance abuse disorders in 2014, with 7 million of those individuals being specifically addicted to legal and illicit drugs. Drug addiction is not only a serious battle for the user, but it also takes a toll on the people directly affected by the individuals use, like their friends and family. In addition to having an adverse effect on communities at large, increasing crime levels, and placing a strain on human and social agencies. People suffering from drug addiction are not usually able to function in a normal, healthy way, inflicting duress on the people in their immediate surroundings, and others who depend on them. Abusing drugs makes it challenging for an individual to care for themselves, nevermind their children, and as a result, the kids can suffer neglect and profound abuse at the hands of the addict. It is estimated that 40-80 percent of children in the child welfare system in the United States are there as a result of a parents addiction issues. Spouses and partners suffer as well, as the addict becomes hopelessly selfish, and dishonest in their pursuit to maintain their high. Their financial well being dissolved, as all of the money is going to support the drug habit, and little or no job prospects to generate more income as the addict is not able to hold down a job. Families with individuals who abuse drugs report seeing more domestic violence, divorce, and child abuse and/or neglect. It is truly a family disease, as no one is left unaffected.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Americans have abused opioids for decades, however, the level of abuse that is currently taking place in the country has reached epidemic proportions and has taken the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in recent years. In 2011, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) declared an opioid epidemic in America, which was followed up in 2017 by the Department of Health and Human Services who declared a national public emergency related to the opioid crisis. Today, approximately 130 people die each day as a result of an opioid overdose.

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Opiate Rehab

Opiates are psychoactive compounds derived from the poppy plant. Utilized as both legal prescription and illicit substances, it is the classification of substances that includes morphine, codeine, opium and heroin.

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Heroin Rehab

Heroin is an illegal, highly addictive drug that is made from the opium, harvested from the poppy plant. It is classified as an opiate, just like the prescription versions, morphine and codeine.

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Xanax Rehab

Xanax is a benzodiazepine. This family of drugs work by increasing the effects of a natural chemical produced in the body called Gamma Aminobutyric Acid, or GABA. GABA acts on the central nervous system, and produces a relaxed or calming feeling.

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Benzodiazepine Rehab

Benzodiazepine medications are used to treat mental health disorders like anxiety and panic attacks. Xanax, Klonopin, Ativan and Valium are all brand names of prescribed Benzodiazepines.

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Cocaine Rehab

At our rehab facility in Melbourne we know how to treat those affected by cocaine addiction. Cocaine is highly addictive stimulant, derived from the leaves of the coca plant.

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Crack Rehab

Crack cocaine is a stimulant that causes a brief, but intense high to the user. It energizes the central nervous system and puts enormous stress on the heart, lungs, and brain. It is possibly the most addictive form of cocaine.

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Opioid Rehab

Opioids are used medically to treat pain caused by surgical operations, severe injury and chronic pain. OxyContin,Vicodin, and Percocet are all prescription versions of opioids, heroin is the illegal version.

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Meth Rehab

Methamphetamine is a highly addictive, potent stimulant. Stimulants increase heart rate, blood pressure, mental acuity and physical energy levels. Methamphetamine is used in its prescription form to treat a variety of physical and psychological ailments like ADHD, and medically supervised weight loss.

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Prescription Drug Rehab

At our prescription drug rehab center in Melbourne, Florida, we know that in the United States, prescription drugs are used by half of our population. Benzodiazepines like Xanax or valium, opioid-based pain medications, antidepressants and more, are prescribed daily to fix the emotional and physical ailments of our population.

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Treating Addiction

At our drug rehab in Melbourne, we know that there is no known cause for addiction, but we do know that there are proven contributing factors, that would increase one’s potential to develop a drug addiction. A person’s genetic predisposition, and family history of addiction is a driving factor. There are also psychological contributors, people who have experienced some form of trauma, or suffer from a mental health disorder like, depression or anxiety are more at risk for drug abuse. People who find it challenging to cope with difficult situations, or have issues with ongoing work or life struggles may be more likely to fall into addiction. Poor social skills or lack of meaningful relationships and connections can also increase an individual’s potential to develop a substance use disorder. Aside from what the individual experiences internally there are also external factors, like cultural or societal pressures that can come into play. Drug use among your friend groups, or home environment can be a factor, as can relationship issues and pressures. People who live in low income areas, and have a low level of education are also at a higher risk of falling prey to this disease.

Melbourne Drug Rehab

Regardless of how this issue came to be in your life, the common denominator is that the person using the drugs is trying to fill an emotional “Hole”, and/or suppress feelings that they don’t want, or know how to feel. This can also be one of the biggest reasons that the individual may be reluctant or unable to quit, and they are going to need some help.
We want you to know that support can be found at our rehab here in Melbourne, we know that most people will need help to recover from addiction, and we are here for you.

What is drug rehab in Melbourne?

Drug rehab in Melbourne plays a critical role in helping you or your loved one get well. Rehab is just that, rehabilitation, of the individual’s mind and body. The first step is to ensure that the substance is out of the user's system. Entering into our detox facility here in Melbourne is the safest and most effective way to do that. Once you have been stabilized we welcome you to our inpatient program. You will be exposed to many modalities of treatment and therapy, in order to maximize the benefits from your experience with us. Individual therapy allows you a direct line to your licensed therapist, giving you the privacy and confidence to share your challenges and trauma so that you may begin to move forward from them. Group therapy invites a patient to function as an individual, within a team of people who share the same experiences and sense of community. This community will provide support and accountability, as the individual moves through their own process of sharing, and growth. Group therapy is also an excellent form of ongoing treatment, as a patient will be able to carry on with their group involvement long after their time in rehab is over.
We also want to invite your family to the therapeutic process. Our therapists will work with your family unit, in hopes of providing you with a more cohesive, united force that seeks to support you in your recovery. Behavioral therapies like; Cognitive behavioral therapy, and Dialectical behavioral therapy, are both instrumental in changing your belief system about yourself, and how you cope with the challenges that will present themselves in your life. Learning how to manage your suffering and improve your distress tolerance will be critical in helping you manage triggers and stressors that come up in regular life, and deal with them without using substances. Nutrition and exercise also play a big role in getting you well. It is through our personalized “blend” of these therapies that you will receive treatment specific to your needs, keeping you engaged and motivated.

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Signs and Symptoms of Drug Abuse

At our drug rehab in Melbourne, we recognize that different drugs generate different emotional and physical effects. As a result users may not demonstrate the same signs. Physically, a person abusing drugs can experience, tremors or shaking, stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea, headaches, irregular heart and respiratory function. They can be gaunt in appearance, malnourished and dehydrated. Some drugs like methamphetamines cause the user to pick at their skin creating sores and open wounds. Intravenous drug users will have marks from needle on their arms or other places where they have used. They will care less about their personal hygiene and appearance, resulting in them being unbathed, dirty and disheveled. There are behavioral signs of drug abuse as well. Individuals will not appear to be themselves. They withdraw from social situations, and activities they used to enjoy. Pulling away from relationships and interactions with people because of shame, guilt and their need to hide. People, can appear moody, angry, agitated and low. They can become hostile, and defensive when confronted with their drug use, no one wants to admits that they have a drug addiction, but it is the first, and most critical step in getting help.

Intake at our rehab in Melbourne

Intake is both streamlined and thorough at our rehab facility in Melbourne. We look at your physical well being first, ensuring that you are stable and well. This will be an ongoing observation throughout your stay, since your physical wellbeing is critical to us. We learn of your medical history, and specific substance use. Our team of medical professionals will assess your immediate and ongoing medical and therapeutic needs. Your personal information and story, is what enables us to develop a plan, that is unique to your specific needs.
Once you have been assessed and interviewed we want to make you as comfortable as possible, and begin your recovery journey.
It is our goal at our rehab here in Melbourne to provide you with the skills needed to achieve long term, meaningful sobriety, and your decision to join us for your journey is a brave step in starting this process.

Get the best treatment for yourself or a loved one.