Drug and Alcohol Detox in Melbourne, Florida

Addiction affects every aspect of a person’s life, systematically dismantling relationships, jobs, personal health, and wellbeing. Addiction does not discriminate and does not overlook any socioeconomic group or cultural community. Addiction affects not only the person suffering from the disease but also their families and their communities. It makes us unfamiliar, and disrespectful of ourselves, we stop making good choices on our own behalf, allowing for shame and self-loathing to overcome us. Long-term substance abuse alters our priorities and distorts our reality. The effects of the toxic chemicals we have been using has sent conflicting messages to our brains, and our body ceases to function the way in which it was meant to. Detox from these substances is the only means by which to be assured that they are no longer present in the individual’s system, and even then it may take months to recover. Once the body has detoxed, only then can it begin to heal.

Medically Supervised Care

While detox services are not offered at our JourneyPure’s Melbourne campus, JourneyPure has several other facilities that provide detox. We will make sure you receive the highest care of medical detoxification.

At our detox in Melbourne, we know most people who struggle with substance abuse are already all too familiar with the effects of withdrawal. They get a glimpse of theses effects when they have run out of money, or are between uses. They already recognize that they don’t like how they feel when the drug begins to wear off and lessen in the bloodstream. They get uncomfortable, and distressed thus they reluctantly use again so these symptoms are alleviated. Withdrawal symptoms can occur quite quickly after the person’s last use and can cause them to shake, feel nauseous, achy and flu-like, their only recourse to get relief, is to use again. Often leaving them feeling hopeless and demoralized. This vicious cycle defeats a person’s will to quit, and they are left with being completely consumed and overwhelmed by a substance they no longer find any joy or peace in taking, they are trapped.
Coming to a medically supervised program is the first step in ending this personal suffering and turmoil.

What Can I Expect from Detox in Melbourne?

When you make the choice to enter our detox in Melbourne, you are taking a brave step in your journey to recovery, and sobriety. Your medical well being and safety are paramount. Taking the steps to end the cycle of addiction can take everything you have, and we do not view this effort lightly, we respect it and seek to join in the journey with you. Understanding that you will begin this process with worry and trepidation, we will do our best to ease your concerns, and address the issues that may be holding you back in being successful with detox. Based on your current physical and emotional condition, your medical history, and the substances you have been abusing, we will develop a personalized treatment plan for your time in detox here in Melbourne.

We begin with the intake process, gathering all relevant information needed for your care. Our trained staff will give you an examination assessing your immediate medical and therapeutic needs. Medications will be carefully prescribed and administered for your comfort and monitored periodically. Specific medication, like suboxone or methadone, will be assessed as a possible course of action in the case of opioid abuse and administered with the same care and consideration. Medications will be constantly monitored, and not administered without careful consideration by a physician who is familiar with all aspects of your case. We have therapists on staff for you to speak with who can offer support and strategies in which you can employ to make this process easier. Many people lack the belief in themselves to manage through withdrawal, so therapy is provided for that very reason. Nutrition is also a key component in getting well, as many people suffering from substance abuse issues do not take care of themselves, and can be underweight, overweight, malnourished and/or dehydrated. Our team of nutritionists will help to provide your body with the food and nourishment it has so desperately been without.

Personalized Care

At our detox in Melbourne, we seek to care for you, as a “whole” person, looking at the larger picture of your needs, so that this experience can be best managed and controlled. We take every opportunity to provide you with the care that manages and alleviates your suffering. Getting you up and moving can also be very beneficial, exercise helps to release endorphins, and stimulates the pleasure center of the brain so that you can begin to feel good in your body again. Here in at our detox in Melbourne, it is our goal to utilize the treatments that have proven to be effective time and again, so that your detox experience a safe and effective one.