New Directions

New Directions is an NCQA-accredited managed behavioral healthcare organization. Founded in 1995, New Directions provides behavioral health services, along with an employee assistance program, a student assistance program, organizational consulting, and health coaching.

New Directions’ clients include managed care organizations and large and medium-sized employers and associations. Their mission is, “Improving health through change.”

In January 2018, New Directions acquired E4 Health. This brought up New Directions’ employee numbers to approximately 700, with nine locations across the U.S. and more than 2,500 clients serving 16 million people.

Employers, healthcare providers and hospital systems partner with New Directions to help guide individuals toward greater work-life balance and increased wellness. New Directions provides the care and innovative tools to help thrive physically and mentally. This in turn helps keep companies’ employee healthcare costs down. The innovations deployed offer cost-effective care, from integrated care coordination to specialty clinical programs.

The behavioral health coaches of New Directions have years of experience in helping people achieve overall health through change.

New Directions serves its members, partners, and providers with 24/7 support, reducing costs through preventative health solutions through a unique clinical service infrastructure. The Kansas City-based company has garnered notice for its managed behavioral health services include analytics, quality assurance measures, and superior customer service.

For decades, New Directions has demonstrated the ability to serve those suffering from a mental illness and those impacted by trauma. The company provides customized answers to its patients’ challenges.

A Hand Up

New Directions provides what it calls “a comprehensive answer” to substance use disorder, one that commits to facilitating a healthy life for their health plan partners’ members who struggle with substance abuse.

Called “A Hand Up,” the program is based on the results of a population health assessment, which identified certain trends in the nature of substance use disorder, such as where it occurs, who is affected, and the resources required to address the problem. A Hand Up reflects and maps the local substance use disorder, and guides the selection of evidence-based programs, practices and policies.

Verifying Coverage and Finding the Best, Most Appropriate Treatment

Studying up on insurance options can be overwhelming, especially if you or someone you know is suffering with addiction. Of course, knowledgeable advisors are available with New Directions. They can verify your insurance coverage and find the best treatment for you. Call your insurance provider and ask an informed representative about the details of your individual plan.


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